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Jun 21, 2022

Dr. Hank's inspiring story of how he overcame a terrible accident that left him paralyzed will inspire you to reach your highest potential. Learn how powerful our thoughts are and what they can do for you. Dr. Hank's story is a great reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we have the ability to overcome any obstacle.

What You'll Learn From This Episode: 

[01:10] Who Dr. Hank is and his background in Mental Science and Behavioral Psychology, and how thoughts become things 
[03:32] The power of our thoughts and how it correlates with our energy 
[04:17] The story of Dr. Hank's tragic accident and how he faced it despite the doctors' news
[05:44] Overall benefits of deep breathing 
[09:06] What are "thoughts" and how to do these work regarding business, wanting to be successful, etc. 
[10:45] What does it mean when you're "feeling good" and when you're "feeling bad." 
[13:17] Why is Dr. Hank not on social media, and how does media affect us
[15:03] Dr. Hank answers, "Is it training the subconscious to think positive consistently, or is it the conscious to think positive?" 
[17:52] According to Dr. Hank, what is the number 1 fear of the American people?
[20:20] Where does the action take place?
[27:39] How are our words powerful, and how can we have a "better feeling" thought? 
[29:05] What is emotional contagion?
[33:28] People make life much harder just because of what they're thinking and not what's going on
[34:47] We are in control when we don't try to control the outside world 

EPIC Words of Dr. Hank:
"Whatever you focus your attention at will grow." 

"We are guided every moment of every day through our feelings." 

"99.9% of everything we have comes from our thoughts." 

"You have to have a happy journey. And the key is to enjoy yourself right now." 

"We all have put chains around our hearts." 

Contact Dr. Hank: 
(214) 753-7204 

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Chazak ve'Ematz!