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Mar 8, 2023

Episode 37 of the Tribesmen Podcast with my amazing friend Ian Altman!


Ian started, sold, and grew his prior companies from zero to over one billion dollars in value. He has since spent years researching how clients make decisions. His modern approach has been instrumental in helping many businesses turn marginal growth into explosive growth and to help them thrive when their competitors struggle to merely survive. He's a co-author of the bestseller, Same Side Selling, now in its second edition. Ian is the founder of the Same Side Selling Academy rated one of the top 5 Sales Development Programs globally. Through his energetic, humorous, and interactive talks, Ian engages executives, subject matter experts, marketing and sales professionals alike. He shares proven methods to help modernize sales and marketing to align with today's customers. 


As a business growth expert and bestselling author, Ian is recognized as one of the world's Top 30 Global Gurus on Sales, and his Same Side Selling Academy is ranked in the top 5 globally for Sales Development Programs. 


In this episode, we talked about his business, how he started it, and the reason behind it.


He also shared how effective sales is not about persuasion or coercion; effective sales is about getting to the truth as quickly as possible.


".. if your actions and your words are aligned, that's integrity, if you're if you're telling people what they want to hear, so that you get the sale, but you don't care about their outcome, then all of a sudden, you're not focused on the right things..."


" person's junk is someone else's treasure. So the idea is that it's more if I know that, that the customer needs these three capabilities..."


"..if you focus on what is it the client really needs, and you know that you're serving their needs, then you're never really selling anything, you're just solving someone's needs.."


Whether you work for sales or not, this episode is a must-listen!